Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is the Recruitment World ready for Video Resumes?

We don't think so. Just to put it quite simply! Although, it's good fun watching them on You Tube!

Recruitment processes have stayed much the same over the years. Sure, email has replaced fax machines and has replaced flipping through newspapers and circling jobs of interest - the actual process’s remain the same. Resumes, must always be submitted to the client/employer in specific formats, attention must be paid to cover letters. We all know the drill – it’s a tradition!

Although some employers are moving with the times, by embracing new technology and methods in their day to day business activities. Adopting creative, relaxed and unconventional work/office environments. These are the types of employers that may embrace the creativity of Video Resumes and accept them with open arms.

As much as we love watching Video Resumes, we don’t see them becoming mainstream any time in the near future. Although, it might prove interesting if LinkedIn allowed a function for job seekers to post Video Resume's to thier account!

How To Make a Video Resume:

We aren't sure how serious David Pedersen's Video Resume is - it's great none the less!

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